On 01.04.1998 the company was founded by Jürgen Meixner. The business field was support and programming of homepages with database connections. This concept was then quickly extended to support Red Hat Linux servers.



"Linux goes to workstation" - JM-DATA can now also offer low-cost Linux solutions in your company on workstation PCs. This makes the IT administration a lot easier and helps you to save money as an entrepreneur!



With Normann Engineering, JM-DATA has developed a concept for cable operators, which has the task of being able to offer you Internet to your customers as a cable operator via your HF network. This is constantly being developed, as the services with which you can earn money are constantly increasing (eg game servers, shop systems, etc.).



Relocation to the Petzoldstr. 14 in A-4020 Linz. The infrastructure there gives us the opportunity to better serve you as a customer through several fiber-optic internet connections.



From now on, we can offer you as a business customer or cable operator Internet connections or location networks throughout Austria. This is accomplished through cooperation with several Internet Service Providers and line providers. This gives us more than 42 access points throughout Austria. This saves you money and gives you the opportunity to have a contact person for all your IT questions.

2003Expansion of own infrastructure throughout Austria. From now on we are able to offer high speed internet connections at an even lower price. As our office in Petzoldstrasse became too small, we moved to Lederergasse 34, A-4020 Linz. At our new location we offer you the possibility to set up your servers in our new Server Housing Center. Of course, with the usual quality of JM-DATA! JM-DATA gets its first customer in Germany.


Extension of our offer by SIP telephony. From now on, our customers and partners can use and experience this interesting and cost-effective VOIP product over cable television.

Also in the software we redesigned the CN-ADMIN and is now available - an indispensable tool for cable operators!



Expansion of our offer with PacketCable Digital Telephony. From now on it is possible that cable customers can make calls to the usual landline voice quality in the cable network. (as with Telekom Austria AG),

JM-DATA gets its first customer in Macedonia and Slovakai.






With 10 January 2006, the telephony department was outsourced to the AICALL telecommunications service GmbH. www.aicall.at Also the CN-ADMIN was renewed and is now delivered for the first time also with the operating system Solaris. JM-DATA is also entering into a stronger partnership with SUN, which will enable it to deliver even more performance to its customers. Since JM-DATA is constantly growing with its customers, we have had a new address since mid-2006: at Winterhafen 13, 4020 Linz JM-DATA gets its first customer in Switzerland.

2007 JM-DATA gets its first customer in Serbia. Effective November 1, 2007, JM-DATA takes over the cable system Wartberg an der Krems from EP: Alois Kremsmair.

2008 JM-DATA gets its first customer in Vietnam. Also JM-DATA, Inh. Jürgen Meixner is renamed to JM-DATA GmbH. Effective June 1, 2008, JM-DATA will take over the Raab cable system from Expert Wasmeir. From July 20, 2008 to March 2010, JM-DATA sponsored the LASK VIP Club "JM-DATA Business Club".


JM-DATA gets its first customer in Cameroon (Africa) (Creolink Communication). The cable network Steyregg will be taken over in January 2009. Subsidiary AICALL acquires a majority stake in Kabel-TV Braunau - the largest cable operator in the Innviertel region.



New business is a DOCSIS modem / router / wireless test system that can test all these devices in one go. First customer is the company Synerlogis in Hamburg.

JM-DATA gets its first customer in Bosnia and thus the CN-ADMIN is represented in more than 10 countries.

JM-DATA establishes a new company in Greece to offer completely from 0 to cable TV, internet and telephone. - "HCN - Hellenic Cable Networks"



Due to the ever-increasing investments, the operational business was spun off to JM-DATA Telekom GmbH. JM-DATA GmbH will remain as a roof company. The development of our core software "CN-ADMIN" has been relocated to Greece in order to be able to serve the eastern market more intensively.



JM-DATA  integrates DOCSIS 3.0 into the cable networks.




JM-DATA founds the company "JAnetz GmbH" with Mr. Andreas Kadlec in order to be able to offer the end customers even more professional support.

The cable network Neuberg an der Mürz was also acquired this year.


2014 JM-DATA has taken over the cable network Kapellen.


2015  JM-DATA launches new CN-ADMIN "Dragon Mountain"


2016 JM-DATA relocates to Traun and has now moved the training center, logistics warehouse and office back to one location (A-4050 Traun, Hackl-Strasse 1 / Object 2).

Furthermore, a completely new high-security data center will be assembled with HAKA kitchens.

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