24x7 Support

JM-ASSISTANT (24x7support), JM-DATA ensures that its customers enjoy around-the-clock support that also covers weekends and public holidays. Should a defect occur, irritated customers ensure that the telephone lines quickly become red-hot. Their annoyance is then made worse by the fact that contact with an engineer

is impossible and they are stuck in the hold system of an anonymous call centre.


However, such scenarios are a thing of the past for clients, who have opted for JM-DATA’s 24x7 support.

The maintenance contract offers a 24-hour service that also covers weekends and public holidays. Customers can therefore directly reach an engineer, who offers quick

and competent assistance. Jürgen Meixner, the JM-DATA owner: “Consequently, we offer very short SLA times.”

A range of variations is available during the conclusion of a servicing agreement, which extends from yearly and temporary to individual contracts. In addition, customers receive corresponding updates for their programs and are informed regularly regarding new developments.


As Jürgen Meixner emphasizes, a further key feature of 24x7 support stems from the fact that: “As we are also active in the market as a cable TV operator, we operate an HF network and have the appropriate HF engineers in our team.”

The support can include all network products in “feel good packages” (e.g. mail and web servers such as Cisco and JM-DATA-ADMIN, etc.).

“We do not think in terms of departments, but in solutions. As a result, waiting times are kept to a minimum