Test your device

JM-DATA has developed a complete test suite where you can test


  • Routers and switches

  • Wireless routers and bridges

  • DOCSIS modems

  • Telephone modem

  • Active Ethernet CPEs

  • DSL (ADSL and SDSL) devices

  • GEPON modems

  • PON modems

  • DECT telephony (cordless)

       and many more


The test is carried out fully automatically and automatically evaluated.


advantages with our test suite:

  • fast tests

  • Interfaces in billing systems

  • Batches processing

  • The devices are tested at once (do not have to go through several stations)

for logisticians:

We know the market and can thus mediate between ISPs and manufacturers - that means cheaper and safer for you


for ISPs:

Since we make software for ISPs, we know your needs and much is already included in the JM TEST SUITE.


    Space saving because everything is on wheels and compact.

    ergonomic, as the working height has been designed exactly.


You can perform functional tests and long-term tests with the JM TESTSUITE.