"Die JM-DATA Gruppe ist an mehreren Firmen beteiligt, damit wir den ISPs eine Rundum Lösung anbieten können!"

Jürgen Meixner, CEO

JM-Data GmbH

This company is the holding company and combines all competencies

JM-DATA Telekom GmbH

This area is responsible for Internet service providers and also offers you the complete network technology. Of course, the 24x7 support is also a big area here - because only then can you make your customers perfectly happy.

JAnetz GmbH

This company does RF support and operates its own cable networks. If you have any questions about HF, we can refer to this company here.

AICALL Telekommunikations-Dienstleistungs GmbH

This company has everything in the field of telephony in in portfolio. Of course you can become a partner here and thus have the opportunity to offer telephony to your customers. (SIP, PacketCable, Analog, ISDN, Central PBX, Mobile Data Cards, etc.)

HCN - Hellenic Cable Networks LTD

This company is our branch in Greece. Here are programmers at work, that our software JM-ADMIN is further developed.

Furthermore, HCN has the fastest fiber network in Greece. At the moment in Thessaloniki and surroundings.