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JF-Laser 1550 series is a top-class type of high-performance 1550nm external modulation optical transmitter with dual pluggable power supply. It is designed especially for large-size CATV station, the whole unit light source adopts narrow bandwidth (0.65MHz), low noise, continuous wave DFB laser, which is propitious to reduce the influence of dispersion. The whole unit signal modulation adopts CATV special LiNbO3 external modulator with independent intellectual property , so it can reach high index of back to back CNR ≥ 53dB, CTB ≤ -65dB, CSO ≤ -65dB, SBS: 13~19dBm adjustable. Because of the international brand adoption of key components and our company system optimization control technology, SMNP network control technology, the machine's technical performance indicators fully measure up the standard of similar imported equipment. It can provide high-quality images, digital or compressed digital signal long-distance transmission for cable television and telephone communications.


Artikelnummer: A-101090