Jürgen Meixner is the founder of JM-DATA and is pleased to advise you in the field of network technology and products of JM-DATA.


Jürgen Meixner


Andreas Kadlec is responsible for the RF. He has been in RF for over 15 years, helping cable network operators understand the RF better.


Andreas Kadlec


Günther Frattner is the core telephony technician and for this reason he will always have an open ear for you.

Telephony technology

Günter Frattner

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Ing. Hermann Pirklbauer will be in charge of all telephony matters and will always be there for you if you have something to say!

Teleophony - Sales - Technic

Ing. Hermann Pirklbauer

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Michael Neumann is project manager for JM-DATA ADMIN and JM-TESTSUITE!

project manager

Michael Neumann


Vanessa Knoll is your first contact in JM-DATA office. She also managing the office.

Office Manager

Vanessa Knoll

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Always there for you


Nurettin Akbas

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Always there for you


Victor Shestakov


John Kritsotakis develops CN-ADMIN and is responsible for the operator element. He is also based in Greece in Thessaloniki.

Software Developer

John Kritsotakis


Vasilis Konortas is our software developer for JM-ADMIN. He sits in sunny Greece in Thessaloniki and "hacks" the best software code for JM-ADMIN & CO

Software Developer

Vasilis Konortas


Vesna Meixner comes from Macedonia and translates important documents from Serbian or Macedonian. The secretariat is also one of her areas of activity.

Balkan Translater

Vesna Meixner

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